Tuesday, February 27

Bulakwacha Critisize President Dr Lazarus Chakwera

I have said it many times before that based on your persistent conduct in the office of the President of the Republic of Malawi, you have never been, at any point, the right man for the job in the office you hold.

Eversince your ascension to power your government has committed scandal after scandal. You have always made very questionable appointments from day one in office, secretly reversing a decision after another, kicking underperforming and corrupt suspects through the front door and later bring them back through the back door. You have called back recycled human capital from retirement homes to head critical top offices of government as if we are short of capable energetic minds among us in this country.

Mr President, you have clearly shown to us many times before that you are a confused man and always self-contradicting. You say one thing today and yet you do another tomorrow. How can such a man of God be trusted with the highest office on land..?

Mr President you have displayed the highest levels of Nepotism and Tribalism in how you have appointed your cabinet ministers as well as presidential advisors, one of the reasons we booted out the DPP government for. You have made sure that almost all members of your family qualified or not have taken up nice jobs in the public service some without going through any competitive professional interviews. Your indecisiveness makes the country lose alot from the underutilized VP who has a convincing track record in performance and delivery, besides his corruption allegations.

Mr President, you are a complete waste of time in the history of Malawi politics and we now realize that we have put ourselves in a conundrum we may not be able to be pulled out as you seem to enjoy all the time and resources to consolidate your operating base in readiness for manipulation of the next election results.

Mr President, with due respect, YOU MUST RESIGN upon receiving this letter.

Kindest of Regards.

Chris Bulakwacha

The President of the Democratic Federal Alliance (DFA) Party.


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