Wednesday, February 28

liwonde Fertilizer Company Factory Takes Shape

As his target of reducing import, improving imports substitution base and increasing exports, the construction of Liwonde Fertiliser Factory terminal and making sure that all facility development bottlenecks are cleared

The Liwonde Fertilizer Terminal is expected to contribute to the growth of Ma’aden’s exports to Africa as it will provide access to a steady supply of high-quality fertilizer to over 5 million small-hold farmers in the Republics of Malawi and Zambia, and subsequently, improve food security on the African continent.

Ma’aden, a Saudi Arabian Mining giant and its subsidiary Meridian group has already registered milestone and will soon open a world class fertilizer terminal in Liwonde

Liwonde Terminal is strategically located for ease of exports as it is connected to deep see port of Nacara and Beira

Once fully operational, the Liwonde fertilizer terminal is expected to be one of the 5 biggest fertilizer terminals in Africa

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