Wednesday, February 28

US Should Not Teach Us What To Do On Refugees Operation

American Ambassador should avoid commenting on anything happening in Malawi,

Why US Ambassador Flout Malawi Laws?

The United States (US) condemned for commenting issues that wants to distruct Africa and Malawi, The US has again rise critising government for fulfilling the law of the land for relocating refugees to designated places, American has nothing to offer in Malawi rather than destroying the warm heart of Africa Malawi, every time malawi try to exercise the rights American Ambassador is there and critise , what exactly the American wants to malawi? The same Americans are pushing same sex marriages in Malawi they want Malawi to adopt homosexual in this country, should we go to hell because of their donations they call it grants to us?
There is no free money and Americans have never gave us free money, what they give us is a peanut from what they steal from us, the Americans are not good Samaritans ,

The Americans have never wished us well they are snakes in grass,
With American or without Americans Malawi can move, Americans is not our God, Americans don’t feed us but we feed Americans,

Malawi has a constitution so Americans should avoid pushing Malawi to flout its own constitution, Malawi is relocating Burundians to designated places as agreement and following the constitution,
America is an embarrassment to Africa, enough is enough,

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