Wednesday, February 28

Govt Staff Retention Affecting NGO’s Projects

By Patrick Nditi Nyirenda–MCHINJI

Failure to retain some public officers in certain government institutions has been cited as a stumbling block preventing some Non-Governmental Organizations-NGO’s from achieving planned project goals in Malawi.

Programs Manager for Action Aid Partnership for Social Accountability project Wales Chigwenembe lamented the situation at the closure of a four-year $805 000 project in Mchinji district.

He said organisations are spending much to train government officials to assist in implementing their projects but incur extra costs once they are transferred or replaced.

“Before starting implementing our project as NGOs, we train other officers who are policy holders. But once transferred, it means we have to spend other resources in training their successors,” said Chigwenembe.

Victoria Makina, a project beneficiary and facilitator for Mtanga Reflection Action Cycle at Kochilira, calls on her colleagues to keep on working together as it was the case before.

Meanwhile, Mike Chilimadzi, who chaired the District Exectutive Committee meeting said the council was ready to keep on implementing what they have gained from the outgoing project.

He said they signed a Memorandum of Understanding to give chance to Mudziwathu Community Radio in the district to be asking them questions through Khosolo Yanga Program in relation to the issues the project was addressing.

The project was born after the radio station exposed proliferation of drug theft in hospitals especially at Mkanda Health Center and Affordable Inputs Programme challenges in other Extension Planning Area

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