Wednesday, February 28

AFORD President Chihana To Reject Same Sex marriages Once Voted Into Power

Alliance for Democracy (AFORD) President Enoch Chihana has said he will not support same sex marriages once voted into power in the forthcoming 2025 Presidential polls.

Chihana said this during a 30 years anniversary rally organized at Chibavi ground in Mzuzu.

Son to late Chakufwa Chihana trashed off sentiments that his party is getting funds from proponents of same sex marriage.

He said Malawians should be left to live their lives without influences from external forces.

Chihana then hinted that his party will never be in support of same marriages.

The remarks comes amid ongoing court battle where some right activists are pushing for legalization of same sex marriages.

The case is under a panel of 3 Judges.

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