Wednesday, February 28

Pope And Politicians Pay Respect To Berlusconi


Tributes to the former Italian leader have continued to pour in, with Pope Francis sharing his “heartfelt participation” after Silvio Berlusconi’s death.

The Pope described Berlusconi as a “protagonist of Italian political life, who held public responsibilities with energetic temperament” in a message to the former leader’s eldest daughter Marina Berlusconi.

The UK government has also marked Berlusconi’s death, with the prime minister’s official spokesman saying: “Silvio Berlusconi made a huge impact on Italian politics over several decades and our thoughts are with the Italian people and his family.”

While former Prime Minister Tony Blair described Berlusconi as a “larger than life figure”, adding that while many found him controversial “for me he was a leader whom I found capable, shrewd and, most important, true to his word”.

Viktor Orbán, the prime minister of Hungary, earlier shared a picture of himself with Berlusconi with the words: “Gone is a great fighter

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