Wednesday, February 28

Mutharika Is The Real Deal To Change Malawi Messed By Chakwera Administration

Some senior officials in the opposition Democratic Progressive Party-DPP still trust the party’s leader, Peter Mutharika is the real deal to change the country’s prevailing misfortunes.

To them, age is just a number and believe the former president has the magic wand to advance a better Malawi for all and unite the party that has lived in cracks and camps after being sent packing during the court sanctioned presidential election in June 2020.

DPP Northern Region Governor, Christopher Mzomera Ngwira told a political rally in Mzuzu yesterday that they are still supporting and endorsing Mutharika’s come back on the ballot paper in the infamous campaign dubbed “APM AIMANSO”.

Mutharika has not yet declared if he will stand or not; sticking to the tired line of ‘I am still consulting’. Weeks ago, a group of concerned party members gave him a seven day ultimatum to come out clear on this on.

Ngwira further claimed that people in the region were just waiting for President Lazarus Chakwera to step down for allegedly failing to manage state affairs.

Speaking during the rally, the party’s director of youth, Dyton Mussa, almost living denial, claimed DPP never lost the June 2020 elections but was forcefully removed from government; a thought Mutharika has also shared repeatedly.

Both Ngwira and Mussa said the Chakwera administration should start packing; claiming it lied to Malawians on job creation, reducing passport price, ending corruption and that citizens would be eating thrice a day, among others.

Meanwhile, DPP is expected to hold its first National Governing Council meeting since 2018 on June 24 this year where members will also agree on dates for the convention.

Initially, the party was slated for the convention on July 2 but there are doubts this may happen with reports suggesting it could be shifted to September; a situation others fear might create a constitutional crisis.

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