Wednesday, February 28

Tonse Poor Show Invites Early Campaign

By Romeo Umali–LILONGWE

Political commentators are attributing the seemingly early campain period ahead of the 2025 general elections to poor show by the governing Tonse Alliance-led administration especially on its alleged failure to fulfill a myriad of campaign promises prior to assuming power.

Of late, various political parties including the DPP, UDF, AFORD, ADD and MCP have been on mini campaign trails two years to the next election.

Latimu Matenje, a political commentator, thinks the trend has been triggered by the prevailing sentiments of disillusionment towards the current regime.

He claims a considerable portion of the population holds a negative perception of the government’s performance.

“The ineffectiveness of the current government has accelerated these trends, eroding public trust and leaving some supporters without a party to align themselves with. Consequently, other political parties are capitalizing on this situation to attract these disenchanted voters,” argues Matenje.

Another commentator, George Phirisays poor economic management and dilapidated infrastructure are focal points for the opposition parties.

Explains Phiri: ” They aim to present themselves as viable alternatives, even before the official campaigning period commences, as governed by the Malawi Electoral Commission. The political parties have seized upon the current government’s underperformance to their advantage.”

The sentiments also come after an Economist Intelligence Unit report has predicted a bumpy ride for President Lazarus Chakwera and the Tonse Alliance that has developed silent cracks though authorities are telling a different story.

Again, Information Minister Moses Kunkuyu almost trashed the EIU report, saying “Chakwera’s focus is on sustaining what has led to the general ‘stability’ being referred to in the report and ensuring that Malawi does not slide back into the tense and unstable recent past.”

Earlier, University of Malawi associate professor of political science Boniface Dulani told Nation Online that the 2025 polls would be choiceless elections.

“Either people will stay away from the vote or that opens room for a third political party that could be a major player, one that doesn’t have the baggage of the Tonse Alliance or DPP. But, whichever case, there is higher likelihood that the 2025 polls will go into second round,” he said.

Chakwera became the sixth president after amassing 58.57% of the vote in the court sanctioned presidential election in June 2020; defeating DPP’s Peter Mutharika.

MCP supporters celebrate Chakwera’s victory in 2020. Will they jubilate again?

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