Wednesday, February 28

Omitting Mulli Brothers Ltd in fertilizer deal Is Big Blow To AIP Program

By Lekani Yonas

One of the country’s renowned social media influencer, who is also board member and United Transformation Movement (UTM) staunch member Khwesi Msusa has urged government not to sideline Mulli Brothers Ltd(MBL) for the importation and supply of fertiliser if the country is to get the commodity in time and in good amount before the planting season.

Mulli Brother is locally Malawian company with vast experience in importantation and supply of fertilizer in the country,,
Last year, the country experienced hiccups challenges fertilizer shortage especially in Affordable Input Program (AIP) after government had sidelined locally fertiliser suppliers with vast experience in fertilizer deals in the country such as Mulli Brothers Limited then authorities fallen in purchasing from dubious foreign traders who have no knowledge of the business and logistics which resulted in late arrival and shortage supply , a situation most experts believe contributed to poor or low crop yield .

Khwesi , has condemned political influence in the awarding of the fertiliser contracts which has seen MBL ,one of the reliable suppliers being left out , yet Mulli Brothers Ltd is 100 perfect Malawian company, employs Malawians and pays tax to government as required by law.

Last year , and also this year , government has made very queer decisions in the fertiliser deal after it was revealed that both companies it negotiated with to bring into the country fertiliser, have no track record of the business or do not deal directly with fertiliser, their core businesses are meat and drugs.

This poor and costly decision by government has put many Malawians at risk of hunger.

Since the line ministry removed MBL on the list of suppliers , supply of this commodity has been erratic and insufficient , and to rectify this situation, Khwesi has suggested that government should bring back experienced suppliers to ensure successful implementation of AIP program this farming season

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