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Biased Mainstream Malawi Media jealously overrating Martha Chizuma while criminating Zuneth Sattar

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By Deus Chikalaza

The truth be told that mainstream (conversional) Malawi media including Malawi Broadcasting Cooperation (MBC) Nation Newspaper, Times Group, Zodiak Broadcasting Corporation (ZBS) and some online publications Nyasa Times, Malawi24 have been overrating the embattled Anti-Corruption Bureau (ACB) Director General Martha Chizuma without her quality of work since she assumed that office.

Firstly, was her fate at Malawi Parliament when Public Appointments Committee (PAC) under Joyce Chitsulo gave Chizuma poor scores for the task at ACB.

But Mainstream Malawi media sided with failed Human Rights Defennders Coalition (HRDC) to push for her reconsideration based on sympathy and her previous work at Ombudsman without getting into the Committee insights why Chizuma was not favoured.

Secondly, Chizuma conived with British National Crimes Agency (NCA) by-bypassing other prosecuting agencies including Police, Immigration, Attorney General (AG), Director of Public Prosecution (DPP) to invade Malawi territories in search of Sattar’s business dealings with government.

Mainstream Malawi again, sided with Chizuma and British NCA in arresting Sattar in UK for no reasons

The conventional Malawi media again sided completely with British NCA based sponsored grouping Platform for Investigative Journalism (PIJ) to criminate Sattar without giving his side of the story.

For starters, PIJ is a British sponsored project run by journalists; Gregory Gondwe (Leader and former Times Group reprter) Golden Matonga (Former Nation Newspaper reporter), Suzgo Chitete ( Nation Newspaper), Rebecca Chimjeka (Times Group), Tchindi Meki (Nation Newspaper), Kondwani Bell Munthali (Former Malawi diplomat in UK), MacBraims and other invisible hands.

PIJ gets classified government and renowned businesses persons information exchanging with ACB while sharing to mainstream media and compromised social media influencers including Onjezani Kenani, Chisa Mbele, Idrissi Ali Nassah, Kondwani Bell Munthali and others.

Thirdly, when Martha Chizuma was exposed on her leaked audio against her office secrecy of oath, the same mainstream failed to take to task Chizuma but rather dwelled much on who leaked the audio.

Fourthly, when British Court refused to grant Sattar waver to visit his relatives and seek medical attention, the same mainstream media paid attention much on PIJ and Kondwani Bell Munthali with misinformation about the court verdict on Sattar.

PIJ with support from ACB cooked list of individuals suspected to have worked with Sattar, then shared it to Kondwani Bell Munthali lying to the whole country that British Court was the one that released the said report. The same mainstream media trusted PIJ and social media without serious verifying with British court and authorities but chose to criminate Sattar.

The cooked and staged list which PIJ and Munthali shared to social media, prompted President Lazarus Chakwera demanding full report from ACB Chizuma.

Chizuma was given a month to do the task which she used the same social media report that included Vice president Saulos Chilima, state House officials, police chief, procurement head.

Chakwera without full understanding of the report coupled with emotional though described Chizuma report as “Substandard” fired Police Chief Kaija, suspected State House Chief Resident Prince Kapondamgaga, Director of Public Procurement Suzi Banda and withdrew Chilima’s deligating duties.

The same mainstream media failed to analyse ACB report but only carried away with fake arrests which Chizuma started without serious Prosecution in court.

When Sattar tried all his abilities to tell his side of the story on the matter, the same mainstream media refused to carry his press statement or audio but rather chose to side with anyone that comes any negative tips on Sattar.

When biased UK Times online paper carried an article on British NCA freezing Sattar properties, the same mainstream media was over the moon with headlines criminating Sattar, without remorse and shame.

Now, two months and a year have gone without the overrated Chizuma and British NCA taking Sattar to court.

The same mainstream (Nation Newspaper) is now complaining saying “Chizuma rushed”.

The mainstream Malawi media is now in shame as to where will get another lie and fake reports as the one trusted PIJ, ACB and British NCA have ran out salt.

So, mainstream Malawi media; Zodiak, Times, MBC, Nation, Times, please don’t just carried away on any social media unfounded reports, empower your newsrooms with resources to carry your own serious and tangible investigations.

PIJ is shortlived project meant to appease the Britons not Malawians interests.

Malawians are losing trust on mainstream media based on biased reporting……

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