Holes in Chakwera’s cabinet ruin government operations

Political commentators have faulted President Lazarus Chakwera’s failure to include real technocrats in his cabinet with special capabilities to help transform the country from its current pathetic state.

Governance expert, Victor Chipofya believes some areas require people’s technical abilities and passion to deliver.

He describes the firing of Patricia Kaliati as Gender Minister, Patricia Kaliati as a setback towards the fight against Gender Based Violence in the country.

Again, Chipofya questions Chakwera’s decision to load the 27-member cabinet with members from his Malawi Congress Party. He argues the president should have gone for a balanced representation with other Tonse Alliance members.

Meanwhile, Political analyst, George Phiri has cautioned the Chakwera to avoid taking Malawians for granted and towing the political party line more.

Chakwera and his troops race against time to take sensible actions in bailing majority of poor citizens out of the current trap of economic hardships largely attributed to unfulfilled campaign promises, global challenges and lack of decisive leadership.

Phiri said: “On the Cabinet, the president must fire all ministers that do not have any political capital. Only ministers that have strategic political constituencies that can bring vital votes for 2025 must be maintained.”

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