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Bwalo la Chewa invites Chewas to Luncheon in Dowa

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By Vincent Gunde

Bwalo la Chewa Foundation [BLOA-CEFO], the only voice of all the Chewas in Malawi has invited all the Chewas and other well -wishers to the luncheon aimed at fundraising money to run the affairs of the grouping to reach out to all the Chewas in Malawi.
The Luncheon which will be held on 30th July, 2022 at Jelia Park Lodge from 1;30 PM has attracted many Chewas from Salima, Kasungu,Ntchisi and Lilongwe giving hope that money will be realized to enable the grouping meet it its intended objectives.
Since 2018 when the grouping was registered and 7th September, 2019 the launching ceremony in Dowa, the Luncheon is the first of its kind planned to raise money and there is a possibility that this will be on-going activities.
The Chewas forms the largest tribal grouping on the land and it is estimated that about 14 million out of the 20 million population of people, are the Chewas and if one Chewa contributes MK100, the Chewa tribe can be one of the richest in Malawi.
Bwalo la Chewa National Executive Director Reverend Flywell Somanje, said the money to be fundraised will go towards a long way to fulfill the vision of Bwalo la Chewa Foundation for a Chewa Museum in Dowa which will be a source of history to children to preserve the Chewa culture and traditions.
Reverend Somanje said the popular Gule wamkulu among all the Chewas started at Phokera in Dowa district saying this is speaking for itself that the district to have the Chewa Museum is the best looking at its history.
He said Dowa district has a big history in the eyes of the Chewas saying districts such as Ntchisi, Kasungu and Lilongwe were in Dowa and it was regarded as the headquarters for those travelling to South Africa for THEBA and WENELA.
The Reverend said the Luncheon fundraising proceeds will go towards starting processes to meet MACRA for the first ever Chewa Radio Station , saying the radio will promote the culture and aspirations of the Chewas in Malawi.
……’’We are in the process of establishing the Malawi Chewa Heritage, consultations are underway and in 2023 we will hold a big cultural festival, this also needs money,’’…..said Rev. Somanje.
He appealed to all the Chewas to come in their large number saying the Luncheon will be spiced by Gule wamkulu and Chisamba from Mkanthama Clan leader expressing hope that even the Chewas that will not make it to Dowa will be with them in the spirit of the Lord to contribute whatever one has.

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