Chakwera orders mandatory training for Civil Servants

President Dr. Lazarus Chakwera has issued a directive for the compulsory training of all civil servants to enhance efficiency and ensure effective quality service delivery for Malawian citizens.

The President made this announcement during the official launch of the Malawi School of Government at Kanengo campus in Lilongwe on Wednesday morning.

Chakwera noted the prevalent disorganisation, poor coordination among departments, and inefficiencies within the civil service system upon assuming office.

“When I entered government, I found disorganisation, poor coordination, and a lack of dedication. However, recognising the importance of addressing these challenges, we deemed it necessary to establish the Malawi School of Government to provide essential training for civil servants,” said Chakwera.

He directed the Secretary to the President and Cabinet, along with District Commissioners, to ensure the mandatory participation of untrained civil servants in the institution’s training programmes.

Highlighting the significance of Public Sector Reforms, Chakwera emphasised the pivotal role of civil servants and stressed the importance of training, which will be facilitated by the Malawi School of Government.

Secretary to the President and Cabinet (SPC), Colleen Zamba, underscored the essential nature of training for civil servants, describing the civil service as the nerve centre of Malawi’s economic growth.

“The vitality of our system hinges on continuous training. It is imperative to equip civil servants with the necessary skills to enhance efficiency and productivity.

“The mandatory nature of these trainings is crucial, as practical skills are essential for effective service delivery,” said Zamba.

Professor Asiyati Lorraine Chiweza, Director General of the Malawi School of Government, highlighted the institution’s role in professional development.

The merger of the Staff Development Institute and the Malawi Institute of Management into the Malawi School of Government aims to enhance the performance of public service by offering diverse programs tailored to better serve Malawians.

The launch ceremony marks a significant milestone for the Malawi School of Government, signalling a new era in the provision of professional training, consultancy, research, and advisory services for both the public and private sectors.

The development underscores the institution’s commitment to contributing to Malawi’s developmental agenda outlined in MW 2063.

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