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Current ACB Ignores DPP, AG, Police, Courts But Works With Social Media Influencers

Current ACB working with frustrated social media influencers denied positions in Tonse government and one is advancing political agenda in 2025 presidential polls.

Current ACB working with questionable social media influencers as others are in court battles

Malawi’s fight against corruption needs total corroboration from all spheres of governance including civil society organizations (CSOs), media state prosecuting agencies and among others.

This fight cannot be for one man show the way Anti-Corruption Bureau (ACB) Director General Martha Chizuma is pursuing the matter.

ACB is a public office not CSOs, social media buzz that one can have personal agenda against public office Act mandate.

Chizuma might have passion to end corruption in Malawi but does not give her a leeway to bypass other state prosecuting agencies including Office of Director of Public Prosecution (DPP), Attorney General (AG), Malawi Police Service (MPS) and courts.

The ACB director keeps on ignoring AG, DPP, Police, court in her duties while accusing them of not supportive or being bribed according to the contested leaked audio.

Chizuma has resorted seeking sympathy from social media friends no wonder she is in trouble in court for rosy approach of ACB office.

Martha Chizuma is being overrated despite several mistakes she has made at ACB which by now she could be fired or honorably resigned.

Any public officer who breaches secrecy oath (the way Chizuma) gets fired or resigns to pave away for other able individuals to take over the task.

We have recently, witnessed the firing of former Lands Minister Kezzie Msukwa, ex-labour Minister Ken Kandodo, former Energy Minister Newton Kambala, Ex-AG Chikosa Silungwe and other President Lazarus Chakwera’s aid. These public officers messed up in one way of the other to get the boot.

Chakwera however only warned Chizuma of her action at ACB.
But she continues ignoring that warning while engaging militant social media friends who agitate for anarchy.

How long will Chizuma protected for being taken as a sacred cow? Why is being treated with gloves at ACB than her predecessors? Is Chizuma the only capable Malawian to handle corruption?

All these questions are nothing to do with her sex, being woman but ability to run public office entrusted by Malawian people not social media friend.

Even these so called social media friends’ credibility is questionable as others are in court battles while some are disgruntled, frustrated after being denied positions in Tonse government and one is advancing political agenda in 2025 presidential polls.

It’s now surprising that Chakwera still keeping Chizuma at ACB when the court ordered her to be probed later the High court stops the process.

Chizuma is not above the law otherwise we are turning her to be semi-god.
Sadly, USA, UK government are supporting Chizuma illegally whereby she is now reporting to them in any office operations.

Malawi government is a system which don’t work in isolation with other agencies the way Chizuma is operating at ACB.

If Chizuma wants to win back public trust not social media friends on corruption fight, she needs to work closely with courts, AG, DPP, Police otherwise her effort in corruption fight is water under the bridge.

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