Dpp To Bounce Back 2025-Msaka

DPP Member of Parliament (MP) for Machinga Likwenu who is also Vice President for the party in the eastern region, Bright Msaka, has painted an optimistic picture of the party chances of winning the 2025 in light of the Tonse Alliance cosmic failures on key economic and governance spaces.
Msaka said this in an exclusive interview with the media recently when he talked about various issues confronting the party as it gears for its elective convention later this year, and for the 2025 parliamentary and presidential elections.
According to Msaka, the Tonse Alliance has thrown this country into a deep dungeon of poverty and despondency due to its policy recklessness and all round indecisiveness. He said the Tonse Alliance has put the economy into a bottomless tailspin characterized by the continuous rising in prices of basic commodities, endemic corruption and rent seeking.

Bright Msaka SC
Does the Tonse Alliance exist alI doubt it. Nobody would vote for them now. Look at the price of fuel and maize even before the cyclone? Look at the cost of commodities and unemployment? Then there is the closure of ADMARC unceremoniously, unorthodox and unexplained said Msaka, adding that it was possible for government to remove the mischief at ADMARC without closing the organization, which is the lifeblood of many Malawians.
He said this and many reasons are what have made Malawians realize that the Tonse Alliance was only an alias outfit, which came to power on the back of phony promises that it is failing to fulfill today.
On the readiness of the DPP to bounce back to power, Msaka said the DPP is more than ready to take back the reigns of power because it is a solid and consistent political party with a track record of delivery of its promises.
He said the functional review, which the party embarked upon some months ago was completed and that the report was ready for submission to the National Governing Council (NGC) for the party, and that it was already presented to President Peter Mutharika for action.
He added that the review was meant to streamline the operations of the party to make it more agile and responsive to the requirements of its members who are the real owners.
One of the reasons for the reforms was that the party structures seem to be too wide. There were positions that had four individuals and we also had to examine if some existing positions were necessary to continue said Msaka.
He added that it pleased President of the party Professor Arthur Peter Mutharika to appoint him to lead the reforms together with certain individuals.
The eastern region Vice President said this is the reason why he is so optimistic that a reformed DPP will take back the joystick of government at the next elections because it is ready structurally as well as with the capable human resource.
Bright Msaka has emerged to be resolute and surefooted among the candidates that are looking to take over the leadership of DPP from Peter Mutharika whom is set to retire at the forthcoming convention later this year.
His blue ocean track record has got a lot of pundits talking, and situating him as the only leader capable of taking, not only the DPP, but the country out of its current beggar status’ into a country of dignity and one that moves towards a known and empowering national vision.

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