Wednesday, February 28

Bushiri’s Facebook Page Deactivated

Prophet Shepherd Bushiri’s Facebook page has been deactivated just hours before Easter Friday.

Local tabloids and other people believe that the pages have been taken down by hackers. However, some people believe Prophet Bushiri has temporarily deactivated his social media accounts to focus on his Easter crusade.

Bushiri has over 4 million followers on Facebook.

Bushiri is the founder of the Enlightened Christian Gathering (ECG) The Jesus of Nation church.

For the past few weeks, Prophet Bushiri whose real name is Chipiliro Gama has been carrying out humanitarian programmes in Malawi supporting people affected by Cyclone Freddy.

Bushiri handed out millions in cash to several people in Mulanje district.

Prophet Shepherd Bushiri is marred with controversy.

He is wanted in South Africa on money laundering and fraud charges. He faces the charges together with his wife, Prophet Mary Bushiri. The couple, despite maintaining innocence, jumped bail in South Africa and is currently fighting extradition to the Rainbow nation.

Bushiri’s spiritual father, Prophet Uebert Angel, is also facing allegations of money laundering following a comprehensive Al Jazeera investigation into the Gold Mafia’s undertaking in Zimbabwe.

Early today, Prophet Bushiri was trending on social media after a video clip he shared in 2015 as proof that he could walk in the Air resurfaced on Twitter.

Bushiri is arguably one of the most popular pastors. He is to comment as to why his Facebook page has been deactivated.

Prophetess Mary Bushiri’s Facebook page is still online unlike that of her husband fondly called Major 1 by his followers. Mary Bushiri has more than 1 million Facebook followers.

Unlike his Facebook page, Prophet Bushiri’s Instagram account is still active. His last post on Instagram where he has 1.4 million followers was shared yesterday.

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