European Union impressed with Mtukula Pakhomo

Mana, May 6: European Union (EU) Team Leader for Social Sector, Michele Crimella has expressed satisfaction with how the Social Cash Transfer Programme (SCTP), popularly known as Mtukula Pakhomo, is being implemented in Chikwawa.

Speaking after monitoring Mtukula Pakhomo pay out at Mthumba Primary School in the district, Crimella was happy with the way the project is being carried out in the district.

“We monitor the projects that we support at least once a year and this is a confirmation of what was reported about the project,” he said.

Crimella also disclosed that Mtukula Pakhomo will soon start utilising technology (e-cash transfer) in more areas to transfer funds to the beneficiaries.

Director of Social Welfare in the Ministry of Gender, Community Development and Social Welfare, Edward Banda, who accompanied the delegation, said the project is designed to bail out ultra-poor and labour-constrained households, hoping that the recent pay outs will help beneficiaries in Chikwawa to open another chapter of their life after being affected by Tropical Cyclone Freddy.

One of the beneficiaries, Davite Lossi from Pende Village in the area of Traditional Authority Kasisi said Mtukula Pakhomo has transformed his household, as he has managed to buy goats and food.

According to District Social Welfare Officer for Chikwawa, Dumisani Maona Mtukula Pakhomo supports 9, 977 beneficiaries.

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