Exit Bwalo la Chewa enters CHEFO in cultural Festival

Chewa leaders gracing the Chewa cultural festival……

Despite announcing to the public that the two Chewa tribal groupings, Bwalo la Chewa and Chewa Heritage Foundations have signed a Memorandum of Understanding [MoU] to work together towards uniting for one Chewa tribal grouping, the two groupings are still divided.

On 25th June, 2025 Bwalo la Chewa Foundation held a successful Chewa cultural Festival at the Civo Stadium in Lilongwe after the Chewa Heritage dissolved the main organizing committee for the event on the basis that it was working on itself without getting directions from CHEFO.

The CHEFO boycotted the event among other reasons, it claimed that the main organizing committee chose their own Treasurer and opened a parallel Bank account other than using CHEFOs Bank account which is Capital City Branch of New Building Society [NBS].
Today, the CHEFO is reminding all the Chewas in Malawi that it will hold its cultural festivals at the same venue, Civo Stadium on 23rd July, 2022 a clear indication that the Memorandum of Understanding with the Bwalo la Chewa was signed on paper only.

According to the communication to the Chewas, CHEFO will hold the Chewa cultural festival to raise funds for Kulamba ceremonies, an annual Chewa cultural festival held at Mkaika in Katete province in Zambia under the presence of His Majesty Kalonga Dr. Gawa Undi of Zambia.

In the communication, three prominent CHEFO leaders in the names of Dr. S. Khaila, Dr. N. Geresomo, and Dr. S. Khumula have already made their personal contributions to the event totaling to K700,000, meaning that CHEFO is serious to hold another Chewa cultural festival.

The communication is inviting individuals and well-wishers to deposit their contributions informs of cash through Airtel Money to 0990250960 and New Building Society [NBS] Bank, Capital City Service Centre account number 11665543.
the communication from the CHEFO to hold another Chewa cultural festival has received negative comments from the Chewas across the country asking the grouping to explain on the whereabouts of money the grouping has been collecting from the chiefs, taking their own treasures from Malawi and present them before Kalonga Dr. Gawa Undi in Zambia.

The Chewas are still pressing the CHEFO leaders to release a financial report on the donation of K6 million from President Dr. Lazarus McCarthy Chakwera meant for the facilitation of the two Chewa tribal groupings to form one Malawi Chewa Heritage in the spirit of transparency and accountability.

…..’’It is the interest of all the Chewas to have answers from CHEFO leaders now while they are planning to hold their Chewa cultural festival so that tomorrow we build trust in CHEFO leaders,’’…..said one Chewa.
One Chewa chief writing on condition of anonymity has accused CHEFO leaders of not respecting the Memorandum of Understanding to working together bringing disunity among the Chewas in Malawi claiming that other tribal groupings are progressing in their activities as one and united.

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