Four criminals nabbed,items worth millions recovered in Chileka

Police in Chileka have arrested four criminals in connection to burglary and theft cases in the area and recovered some items equivalent to k2,500,000.00( Two million five hundred thousand kwacha)

The four suspects were arrested after intelligence driven raid exercise.

The arrests and recovery were made during the exercise Chirimba area in Blantyre District.

The suspects are identified as Fred Muleso, 27, Endrick Thomas,47, Never Silver, 25 and Ganizani Mandozo, 36.

The four for the past 3 months had been breaking into houses and stole items in the process.

Chileka Police detectives
hit the ground and netted the suspects.

The recovered items, which some been identified by the owners (complainants), include one mega power speakers,six plasma TV screens, Ipad, two home theaters, two radio 2 3CD changer sony and LG,Elevator, one heater, two big speakers and one Aiwa small speaker and two big curtains.

Meanwhile,investigations are still underway to recover more items and arrest more other suspects connected to the case.

The suspects, at the meantime, have been charged with burglary and theft, a case which they will answer in court of law soon.

Sergeant Jonathan phillipo
Public relation Officer
Chileka police station

Phone number:0888563684
Email:[email protected]

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