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Immigration apprehends 833 immigrants in 6 months

By Suleman Chitera Jul23,2022

The Department of Immigration and Citizenship Services has revealed that it managed to arrest 833 immigrants from January to June this year.

This is according to National Public Relations Officer for the Department of Immigration and Citizenship Services, Wellington Chiponde, who said that the majority of those apprehended were from Asia and the Horn of Africa.

Chiponde highlighted that this has been possible with support from patriotic citizens who are always vigilant to report to authorities about illegal entry and activities of foreign nationals.

The National Spokesperson then bemoaned the tendency of some citizens who take part in aiding and abetting illegal entry of foreign nationals into the country and warned that perpetrators would face the law.

“We have managed to apprehend 833 irregular immigrants from January to June this year, a development which is in tandem with our aspirations of building a resilient and sustainable migration management system, capable of curbing the proliferation of irregular immigrants to enhance national security and safeguard employment for Malawians.

“We are aware that irregular migration is perpetuated by some unpatriotic citizens and residents who are enticed to aid and albeit illegal entry of foreign nationals into our country. Our officers are working around the clock to combat this vice and we would like to stress that the law will not spare anyone found doing such despicable acts,” said Chiponde.

He then urged Malawians to report irregular immigrants to the Department of Immigration, for the promotion of socio-economic development, enhancement of national security, and safeguarding of employment and businesses for citizens and residents.

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