Inspector General Closes 16 Days Of Activism In Kasungu

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The Inspector General (IG) of the Malawi Police Service Mrs. Merlyn Yolamu, who is also an ambassador for World Vision to End Child Marriages on Thursday, December 15, 2022 closed 16 Days of Activism commemoration in Kasungu.

The function started with a solidarity match which the Inspector General (IG) of Malawi Police Service joined from Central East Region Police Headquarters to Kasungu Community Ground where the function took place.

Speaking during the closing ceremony, the Inspector General Yolamu urged men to break the silence and seek help from Victim Support Units instead of resorting to suicide. She emphasized that ending GBV require a collaborative approach hence everyone must play a part.

Yolamu also took advantage of the platform to advocate against child labour and mob justice.

“Mob justice is a crime, bring suspected criminals to police. Also, we accuse old people of practising witchcraft, it is an offence. ” Yolamu explained.

Further, the IG advised people against promoting child labour. She said that children must be protected from such vices.

“Chiefs, child traffickers come to your villages, inform the Police whenever you notice them” she added.

In his speech, Senior Chief Dr. Kaomba said that some Gender Based Violence cases are triggered by misleading advise that herbalists give to their clients. He warned them that if anyone is found, they will be prosecuted.

On her part, Speaker for Kasungu District Children Parliament, Memory Mvula, pleaded to law makers to set laws that give stiffer sentences to offenders.

“It is sad to note that some parents still hold on to old mindset that sideline girl child education, this is bad for our future as girls” she added.

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