Raiply Limited Winds Up Tree Planting Season,


The Heritage in Nkhata-Bay known as Mdawuku wa Tonga has always been a source of pride for the people in the district and Malawi as a whole, but not only with the language which is a symbol of their culture but the patriotism, history, and identity.

When President Lazarus McCarthy Chakwera launched the National tree planting exercise late last year with a special focus on reforesting the country, the Tonga Heritage finds it another memorable moment of celebration and hope for the future.

It attracted Raiply Malawi Limited, a leading timber company in the country, on Friday (8th March 2024) to take up the challenge and provided support for the initiative being championed by the Tonga Heritage, donating 2 000 tree seedlings and also committed to participating in the planting exercise alongside the local community.

Raiply Limited has always worked tirelessly to grow and nurture the tree seedlings, ensuring that they are healthy and ready for planting, and when Tonga Heritage day finally arrived to wind up this year’s National tree planting exercise, the timber manufacturing company lived up to their expectations.

The team from Raiply, led by their Plantations Manager, Nathaniel Nthara and the Public RelationsOfficer, Dalitso Chimwala, went to Sani Primary School where they were welcomed by the chairperson of the Tonga Heritage, Professor John Kalenga Saka who received hundreds of tree seedlings in tow.

Professor Saka then led the communities and school pupils rolling up their sleeves and got to work, planting tree after tree in the hilly terrain of the Tonga Heritage area and soon the area was alive with the sound of shovels digging, hands planting, and laughter filling the air.

“It is with pleasure that the last tree seedlings were planted, a sense of pride and accomplishment washed over everyone present here. The area is now on its way to being restored to its former glory, thanks to the collective efforts of Raiply Malawi Limited, the local community, and the government,” said Professor Saka.

As they stood back and admired their work, Raiply Limited’s Plantations Manager said, his company is very committed to empowered locals in the Forest management and will continue to protect and nurture the trees, so that future generations can enjoy the beauty and significance of the Tonga Heritage area.

“It is only through such initiatives that we can achieve sustainable forest management, we will continue providing the communities with tree seedlings, it is Raiply Malawi Limited’s wish to ensure that at least every Malawian plant a tree every year,” said Nthara.

Nkhata-Bay District Forest Assistant, Silverio Mwandira made a solemn pledge to continue efforts in preserving the environment which is a significant honour to the heritage of their beloved country, Malawi.

Having replenished 1,132.9 hectares with trees in this year’s tree planting season, Raiply Malawi Limited felt duty bout to donate the remaining tree seedlings to other groups of people interested in forest management like: Mdawuku wa Tonga, Umthetho wa Ngoni, schools, churches and the media.

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