Tuesday, April 16

Jumah declares Tonse the last Government to cheat Malawians

Malawians that are in pain and suffering participate in meetings…….

Commander in Chief of Muvi wa Chilungamo pressure group Bantu Saunders Jumah, has made a declaration that Tonse Alliance is the last Government to serve itself into stinking riches and the last to cheat Malawians.

Jumah said for 62 years of Malawi’s independence, it is the presidents, Vice presidents, ministers, Members of Parliaments [MPs], senior government officials and millions of politicians that have become billionaires in a country Malawi, labeled poor by politicians.
He said it is not surprising that all presidents that have ruled Malawi are listed among the richest people in Malawi and that out of 10 richest persons in Malawi seven are politicians meaning that politicians enter into government not for servant leadership but to steal and become rich.

Speaking through his face book page widely read by many across the continent, Jumah said for 62 years, it is only Malawi among SADC countries which has 319 Megawatts of electricity ruled by six presidents who are Professors and Doctors, thousands of ministers and thousands of MPs only competing for political wealth and individual thinking.
Jumah said for 62 years Malawi is going through water crises which has seen citizens drinking unsafe and stagnant water while its people find food through stone -age means-a hoe while 16 countries in the SADC region use tractors.
He said for 62 years Malawi is devastated by diseases that disappeared some years ago such as leprosy and polio saying this is so because of inequality in the distribution of resources as billions of Kwachas is entering into the crooked pockets.
The Commander in Chief said Malawians are in pain and suffering in their hearts having voted a thieving DPP out of Government replacing it with another thieving government of Tonse Alliance saying the change Malawians have been waiting to see is in darkness
……’’The road to Canaan is very narrow for only those that have links with those in government while many Malawians have preferred to stay in Egypt to continue working as slaves,’’…..said Jumah.
He assured
Malawians that in 2025 an ordinary person will do extraordinary things for one Malawi and not divided as it is today saying the Malawi citizens need common people to do extraordinary things which politicians have failed for 62 years.
But on a sad note, Jumah said ever since he announced that Muvi wa Chilungamo is migrating into a political party, he is receiving death threats for revealing Government secrets to the poor assuring Malawians that he is ready to die but the war to liberate the country from the shackles of collapse will continue till the end.

He said he was born in Malawi and will speak for the country whether he will be killed or not, Malawi will be resurrected and become Qatar of Africa recalling that Orton Edgar Ching’oli Chirwa died while attempting to free Malawi while Henry Masauko Chpembere after signing a good deal for Malawi, died in exile

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