Kalindo Demands K50 Million From Zikhale Ng’oma

Activist and comedian Bon Kalindo is demanding a K50 million compensation and an apology from Minister of Homeland Security Ken Zikhale N’goma within seven days for alleged character assassination or risk being sued.

Kalindo’s lawyer Gilbert Khonyongwa has confirmed in an interview today that the Minister has already been communicated.

A copy of the letter from Khonyongwa Associates and addressed to Zikhale N’goma, states that during a press briefing by the minister on April 18, 2023, regarding the relocation of refugees and asylum seekers to Dzaleka camp, Zikhale N’goma allegedly made statements that were meant to tarnish and damage the image of their client.

The minister is alleged to have said words which in their natural and ordinary meaning meant that Kalindo is corrupt, dishonest and a crooked person who is receiving bribes from the refugees in order to influence or lobby for a reversal of the decision to relocate the group.

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