Kalindo hits back at critics for fabricating lies

Bon Kalindo aka Winiko being silent does not mean I am foolish, it is paining me

Political activist Hon. Bon Kalindo aka Winiko during drama stage, has hit back at his critics for fabricating lies in various social media platforms that he is in support of President Dr. Lazarus McCarthy Chakwera’s leadership and economic recovery plan for Malawi.

Kalindo said any wise and good thinking human being cannot support the way President Chakwera is governing Malawi as evidenced with the man-made crisis such as fuel, forex, electricity, drug shortages in hospitals, fertilizer and sky-rocketing prices of essential goods that have rocked the country.
He said he is standing with the suffering Malawians to continue suffering but God will soon answer the peoples’ prayers for Malawi to be liberated claiming that Malawians have lost trust in President Chakwera’s leadership and vision to develop the country.

Kalindo was quoted in the media that he is in support of President Chakwera quest to develop the country and that he has stopped organizing demonstrations against the Tonse Alliance government and has no time to castigate or insult President Chakwera claiming that he has a good vision for Malawi to develop.
In the article which is circulating in various social media platforms, Kalindo is quoted as having asking those behind organizing demonstrations against President Chakwera to count him not because the path he has taken is in line with the wishes of all Malawians supporting President Chakwera.

Speaking through an audio clip, Kalindo said he had not insulted President Chakwera dismissing so many lies that have been peddled against him that he was given money by the Government to stop organizing demonstrations, houses in Area 47 and 12 in Lilongwe and Machinjiri in Blantyre.
Kalindo said Government has not given him vehicles and appointed him to serve in Brazil as a Secretary saying all these are lies taking advantage that he has chosen to remain quiet not because he is foolish but he has no resources to support organizing demonstrations in Malawi.

He said he has been arrested by police on several times but no one came to visit or supporting him saying he doesn’t believing in begging money to organize demonstrations against government accusing MCP media team of getting money out of fabricating lies against him.

.’’I was arrested on several times, no one visited or supporting me, I suffered alone and when the resources permit me to do so, I will be back with the street protests until Malawi is liberated from thieves,’’…..said Kalindo.

He challenged Minister of Information Gospel Kazako to organize a press conference to tell Malawians the truth to bail him out of all sorts of lies which have been peddled against him that the Tonse Alliance government is supporting him with resources.
Kalindo also advised the MCP media team to learn to be satisfied with the K30 billion fertilizer money they were given as shares for fabricating lies against him appealing to well-wishers and individuals wishing the country to be liberated to provide resources for him to go back to the streets to prove the MCP media team wrong that he is not in support of President Chakwera’s vision and leadership.

He also advised Malawians to be on the alert following reports that K23 trillion from Government is about to be released to compensate 23,000 victims who suffered atrocities during the MCP era from 1964-1994 saying this is a deliberate plan by the MCP to solicit funds in readiness for 2025 campaign.
Kalindo expressed wonders that there have been governments before the MCP led one and at no time MCP atrocity victims forwarded claims to be compensated waiting for their president Chakwera to have time to compensate them.

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