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Kapichira Rehabilitation Work Start Next month

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There are now hopes for improved power outages in Malawi as power generator EGENCO has disclosed plans to commence reconstruction works for Kapichira power station in July.

This follows securing funds amounting to 60 million US Dollars from World Bank through the Ministry of Finance for the repairs of the Kapichira dam for both phase 1 and phase 2 works.

The funds are to cater for the Emergency Power Restoration Project from cyclone Ana disaster for both EGENCO and ESCOM.

In a statement released by EGENCO, the first phase of rehabilitation works will involve temporary reconstruction of the dam to resume power generation with the actual works commencing on 1st July and will take 3 to 4 months to be completed.

The second phase which will involve construction of a resilient-permanent structure that could withstand disasters such as cyclones will take place at a later stage after resuming power generation.

The Kapichira power plant which generates 130 megawatts of power has been out of commission for months after its intake dam was washed away by flash floods following Cyclone Ana which devastated the country.

Throughout the period, the nation has been facing at least four to five-hour long power failures, situation a pool of experts has described as derailing industrialization

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