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Land Gate Continues In Malawi Mustaq Chortia, Suleman Khadba To Face Arrests

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Dust is failing to settle in the Ministry of Lands as concerned malawians are mobilizing to conduct demonstrations of mass of destruction to push authorities, Anti-graft body ACB, law enforcers to arrest malawians of asians Suleman Ismail Khadba, Mustaq Chotia and the owner of Riverside Hotels who are involved in illegal land acquiring, Corruption and money laundering
Ahmed Aboobaker the owner of River Side Hotel was arrested together with senior officers from the Ministry of Lands Housing and Urban development on the allegations that they were forging signatures and produce lease document
Malawians will go in the street to show their angers to push authorities to bring these malawians of asians to book to face the law of the land, this malpractice of acquiring illegal land is rampant in the country we ask the Head of State Arthur Peter Mutharika and government to intervene immediately and rescue our land, Said The Organizer
In another development another malawian asian based in Lilongwe Yakubu is allegedly bought a public secondary institution Livimbo Secondary School
Government through minister of Lands Vuwa Kaunda has issued stern warning that government will not tolerate and will bite who ever involved in illegal land scandals’

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