Malawi Faces Threat Of 5 Cyclones

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The country should brace for new threats of five cyclones as the rainy season is here, Chief of Meteorological Services at the Department of Climate Change and Meteorological Services, Charles Vanya discloses.

He said in the next two weeks the Southern and the Northern parts of the country will receive heavy rains that will be accompanied by thunderstorm and strong winds and will cause some devastation.

He added that the department is also monitoring the occurrence of cyclones.

Said Vanya: “In terms of cyclones , the forecast is showing that about five or six cyclones will develop in Indian Ocean and will have impact in Madagascar, Mozambique and Malawi.”

Vanya was however quick to point that not all the cyclones will reach Malawi

“From January up to March there are high chances that most of the cyclones that will happen in Indian Ocean will come and affect land, so those are the ones that can have a possibility of causing danger to Malawi,” added Vanya.

According to the disaster response plan released by Department of Disaster Management Affairs (Dodma) the country is still struggling to recover from the devastation which was caused by Tropical Storm Ana and Gombe early this year.

The report indicate that the country needed K72.7 billion to successfully implement its response strategy but only K4 billion was available for the initiative.

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