In a shocking tale to absorb, ACB boss Martha Chizuma has taken her corruption fight against her bosses, openly going public with disturbing revelations calling President Lazarus Chakwera as the worst corrupt leader Malawi has ever had.

Chizuma, whose appointment as ACB boss was backed by Chakwera, has also trashed key state agencies such as police, defence, parliament and judiciary as corrupt, arguing that she, alone, is the only credible person to handle corruption in the country.

In a phone recording in our possesion between her and a UK investigator, Chizuma is heard saying that if Malawi is to develop, Presdident Chakwera needs to be removed because he is not good for the country.

“I can challenge you. I need the UK to change Malawi. I will work with you guys to ensure that Malawi takes a good direction. Everyone is corrupt in this country,” Chizuma is heard in the phone recording.

Our investigations have however revealed that UK investigators in the arms deal have collaborated with Chizuma to destabilise Chakwera government through the pretext of fighting corruption.

It is revealed that the UK government wants to pursue its oil, gas and uranium interests in Malawi through weakening the Chakwera by controlling the milliary and the police.

Further, our investigations have further shown that Chizuma has already submitted a shody report to UK implicating all high court judges in Malawi as been bought as such they all need to be fired for Malawi to proceed.

Our investigations, which involved one to one meetings with Chizuma’s inner circle and some UK investigators who opted anonymity, have further shown that Chizuma and UK investigators have striked a deal which will see ACB being used by UK to weaken the Malawi government by shody investigations which will implicate senior government officials such as Eisenhower Mkaka, Richard Chimwendo and Kapondamgaga as corrupt as such they must step.

Equally shocking, our investigations have shown, is that Chizuma is acting as a lone wolf these schemes bypassing all key institutions such as the Attorney General, the Director of Public Prosecution (DPP) and the Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU).

Analysts have since questioned and challenged Chizuma’s drive, saying she is exhiting strange leadership traits, if left unattended to, will put the country on fire as she is not acting in the interest of the needs of Malawians.
There was no immediate comment from State House on the matter.

We also made effort to speak to government spokesperson Gospel Kazako who told us to give him time to investigate the matter.

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