Minister’s Directive To Remove Road Blocks Is Meaningless, Police Are Harassing Everyone

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Malawi police are law enforcers but not enforcing laws to assist government but to assist themselves to fill their pockets and enrich themselves in the plight of poor Malawians,
At least 70% Traffic police officers have personal cars despite their low salary they receive according to salary scale of the Malawi police, a question we ask where do they get money ?
It’s welcome move that the honourable minister of home affairs Hon Zikhale Ng’oma has observed rampant corruption among police officers they mount unnecessary road blocks to milk motorists for their pockets,
Welldone Mr Honourable minister for dismantling roadblocks they mount on the road which meant for stealing from citizens, Mr Honourable minister, the road blocks have been removed but these officers they stop four places within a kilometres,
For instance from area 9 to Kanengo four to five places, they stop at Mug and bean, Bwandiro, Area 18, Area 10, Kapani , area 30 just imagine from area 9 to Kanengo six places in this short distance it’s harassment indeed and corruption is at stake poor Malawians money is stolen,

From Kanengo to lumbazi these traffic officers they park their personal cars collecting money from poor Malawians at Kanengo, MIM, Magwero, KIA turn off four places this harrassment to citizens,
Honourable minister, please do thoroughly check at the police and overhaul is needed the current police we have is rotten,

Not fully worth. despite toad blocks removed But 4/5 officers in personal car are everywhere 2/3kms of radius.
Imagine from area 9 to kanengo. Minimum 5 places they stopped today.
They’re targeting asian specially in evening.
Area 2/3/4/6/9
They are harassing everyone, another Asian complained

Remember the report indicated that the police institution on number one on corruption, the police are taking oath to protect its citizens but instead they turn and start stealing from its citizens,
Ministry should put strong measures that the police should wear uniforms to protect its citizens not to steal from citizens,
Why department of traffic police is more congested than any other departments? why all police wants to be traffic police officers? We were told that the is reformed but alas this is not true it’s a blue lie the police not reformed it’s another bunch of thieves and corrupt club,
Bravo the minister of home affairs honourable Ken Zikhale Ng’oma for welldone job,
Finally the minister let me remind you that there is these words and poster everywhere even at police office saying police bell is free but honestly police bell is not free

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