MRA Catches Chita One Pants Down Smuggling Liquor Using MDF TATA

Caught smuggling liquor using MDF Tatas

Malawi Revenue Authority has caught Chita One Investment yet again smuggling 1000 boxes of South African Branded liquor worthy about MK50 million (fifty million Malawi Kwacha) into the country. This time around he was using an MDF (Malawi Defence Forces Tata).

This is the third time in a few months that MRA officials have managed to apprehend Chita One Investment whose Director is Davie Banda.

Unfortunately, it appears either he is too allergic to repenting or he is above the law such that authorities deliberately pay a blind eye to convict him.

In December 2021, MRA charged Chita One Investment to pay close to K500 million for a similar offence. He is yet to square off the balance. He was also caught early this year for yet another smuggling offence.


When it comes to smuggling South African liquor into the country, Chita One Investment under Mr Dave Banda is the Kingpin. Since June last year, he has been involved in a series of smuggling beers into the country. At first, he had been using Dedza Border Port under the watchful eye of some irresponsible MRA Officals. Now, after a series of our revelations, Mr Dave Banda’s firm devised a new formula.

When he (the vehicles) is about to enter the country from Mozambique, he uses his Masasa camp assembling his merchandise in readiness for his unpatriotic criminal acts. At Masasa camp, Mr Banda and his legion of thieves do plan on how to maneuver MRA so they can smuggle billions of liquor into Malawi.
So this fresh offense was no exceptional.

Courtesy of our unblinking eyes, we have been revealing every move that Dave Banda and his whole Chita One Investment have been devising. And each upcoming entry, he generates other crookish ideas so as to evade tax payment.

On this fateful endeavor, he used an MDF TATA fully covered in military tarpaulin (lona) to deceive unsuspecting MRA officials that it was just an ordinary MDF vehicle. And often times, such vehicles are not searched when passing road blocks. This day, this vehicle enjoyed such an immunity…but not for long. Ofcourse, the vehicle managed to leave Dedza and entered Lilongwe.
It was just a matter of time.

When Dave Banda and his unpatriotic MDF soldiers thought they had carried the day, they had no knowledge of what was to befall these thieving Malawians.

In the background, some goodwill patriotic citizen had tipped the MRA officials at Nathenje Roadblock of the filth that the said MDF Tata vehicle had carried.

Just like in a James Bond movie, MRA officials there stopped the MDF vehicle and it was so embarrassing seeing MDF officials and their thieving Dave Banda mercenaries failing to explain what they had carried at the back of the vehicle.

Of all institutions in Malawi. Would you believe it???

Unanswered questions

For how long is the MRA going to be dancing to the tunes of this unpatriotic criminal, Dave Banda and his Chita One Investment?

How many times is he going to be caught smuggling billions of liquor and evade tax? For how long is he going to be robbing Malawians through non-payment of tax?

Why did the MDF get its vehicle (from MRA officials )which was involved in a criminal activity and yet the law is crystal clear that when such happens, MRA does impound such a vehicle?

How sacred is the MDF that its officials should be allowed to be involved in criminal acts that are robbing Malawians of their hard-earned monies?

Should we really keep on respecting the MDF if its officials are being involved in such shoddy deals?

The Sacred cow?

How connected is Dave Banda and Chita One investment?

Seriously, who can be that brave and entice the MDF to be involved in criminal activities?

What kind of a challenge is this that this criminal Dave Banda and his Chita One Investment are still owing Malawians their K500 million through non-payment of duties yet he keeps on committing similar crimes now and again?

What is becoming of our MDF?

Should we conclude that Chita One Investment and MR DAVIE BANDA are above the law and can be raping the country’s laws anyhow?

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