Muslims Condemns Homosexual Bill That Parliament Planning To Pass

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Chakwera Attends Eid ul fitr prayers at area 2 sports club in Lilongwe.

Muslims in the country have strongly condemned the homosexual bill that parliament is planning to pass, the bill that parliament is planning to pass is to allow men to get married to their fellow men and women to get married with their fellow women which is against the law of Islamic faith that forbid men to get married to men and women get married to women, the Islamic teachings allows men to get married with women,

The warning issued on Saturday when Muslims in the country were celebrating the Eid ul fitr prayers celebrations marks the end of the holy month of Ramadan, in a letter read by sheikhs during Eid ul fitr prayers in different parts throughout the country said Muslims in the country are in deep shock to hear the sad development that parliament is bringing to pass homosexual bill and Muslims are against the bill left and right,

Malawi grand mufti of Sheikh Muhammad Uthman Mtalika issued a message to all sheikhs in the country to read on Eid ul fitr prayers, Grand mufti asked all Muslims and Christians to hold hands together to reject the bill,
In area 25 masjid Sheikh Chikwakwa conveyed the messages to all Muslims and asked them to reject the bill, Malawi is God fearing country and we condemn on the highest order that whatever is happening to this forbidden bill Muslims are not part of it and we will reject it, Said Chikwakwa
The state president of the republic of Malawi Dr Lazarus McCarthy Chakwera attended Eid ul fitr prayers in area 2 sports club in Lilongwe, Chakwera and first lady Monica Chakwera joined Muslims in the country celebrating the end of fasting in the holy month of Ramadan,
President Chakwera has described this day as a celebration as it marks the end of the holy month of Ramadan, Chakwera hailed Muslims for supporting those affected with cyclone freddy, Lets join hands to rebuild our nation, Said Chakwera. He said ine ndikufuna Malawi okomera tonse,
Sheikh Jafaar Kawinga said despite Malawi facing challenges but Dr Chakwera has delivered his promises and developments such as roads and construction of security officers house

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