News analyst worry with potholes on M1 Road

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Social media news analyst Idriss Ali Nassah, has lamented over the presence of the potholes along the M1 Road from Blantyre to Lilongwe, Lilongwe all the way up to Karonga saying they are very dangerously deep that a Mazda Demio may fall in and not come out.

There have been concerns that most of the roads in Malawi are death traps citing the road from Lilongwe to Kasungu potholes with patches have led the road being bumpy than before meaning that six governments have been singing similar songs as of yesterday.
In 2015 Louton Consultants of Scotland carried out a survey on the M1 Road to go under intensive rehabilitation, all sensitizations were made by chiefs warning their subjects that those whose gardens found the Road Reserve Boundary [RBB] erected would receive no compensation but those whose gardens were erected with the RBB would receive compensations.

Two trading centres along the M1 Road earmarked to be heavily affected by the road rehabilitation works were Mponela and Lumbadzi, shops were built very close to the road and the owners risk no compensations from government.
According to the consultants, the road was divided into three segments; from Kamuzu International Airport junction to Bua, Bua to Jenda in Mzimba and Jenda to where there is a sign post reading Mzimba turn off saying the road will be 11 metres wide and it will be similar to that from 6 miles in Lilongwe to Msipe in Ntcheu.
President Reverend Dr. Lazarus McCarthy Chakwera commissioned the road rehabilitation project in Dowa accompanied by the Vice President of the Republic Dr. Saulosi Klaus Chilima that the road will start from Kamuzu International Airport junction in Lilongwe to Karonga.
Almost eight years down the line, the road rehabilitation project is being implemented on paper while on the ground, there is nothing been seen only fresh praises that Government has started working on the road project.
The reports are indicating that the contractor has started earth works and diversions saying all the four contractors for this M1 Road rehabilitation project are ready to start massive works , this is good news people like to hear and it remains to be seen to be true or not.
There are many roads in the country’s cities 4-Lanes and 6-Lanes but many people have expressed doubts if all the road rehabilitation projects are to end before campaign period or they will be used as campaign weapons to woo the electorate in readiness for 2025 elections.
Nassah has claimed that although government is taking too long to implement the road projects and the projects to come true in the eyes of all, the MCP led government is sitting on a pile o

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