Namibian born professor Joe Diescho teases African leaders attending Queen Elizabeth’s funeral.

Our Afrikan Heads of State attending the royal funeral in London must be bored stiff by now. What they are going through — the walking and watching the processions and immaculately rehearsed drills is not what they went for.

They went there to feel important. Not this tiresome shows. They are not used to this. They are used to sitting in black leather chairs in front of the coffins, speaking and listening to praises for hours about their accomplishments. But here no speeches?

During the actual church funeral service only the priests spoke. And the priests made no political speeches. Just did what they came to do — remind God that their Queen was in her way heavenwards.

No mention of the new king, his wife, Prime Minister and former Prime Ministers or army commanders, no mention of honorable this and that — nothing. No Your and His Excellency this and that! Nothing. Everyone was equal. Not even Joe Biden was mentioned as the most dangerous in the audience.

How will our leaders report back home that they were world leaders? In London nogal?

Advisors are not sending photos of our leaders transported on crowded municipal busses. Maybe they did not know about this when they scrambled to go. They thought it was about attracting white investors.

No sight of self-obsessed advisors mingling and parading as executives, at least to take selfies to show their worth back home. One wonders what advisement they are giving to their bosses on the white and yellow busses.

And by the way everybody was told about the starting time.

And the church service lasted for exactly one hour. Nothing of the silly stuff we do in Namibia of asking people to arrive in batches, starting with the poorest and the hungriest who must be there at least five hours before the event. Then the handlers of thieves. Then the protectors of thieves. Then the mini-thieves. Then the chief thieves themselves last.

All interspersed with song and barefoot cultural performances by semi-clad maidens for the thieves’ eyes’ pleasures.

Maybe it is time for us to admit that we cannot or are not ready to govern ourselves and our resources.
We continuously prove to the laughing world that we cannot govern states.
We can perhaps govern our villages and our political parties. Or our stolen farms.

Not states because that requires knowing and understanding how things work.
Governing states means knowing and understanding that the resources in the country are meant to benefit the people, the citizens and Not a few individuals and their families, friends and concubines.

Maybe we need to call back white people to govern us.

Painful though this might sound, the reality on the ground is pointing in that direction.

In all honesty, what else can we say, given the rate at which we are misgoverning and running to the white world with cap in hand, to beg for help?

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