On 27 March we’re removing all foreigners in Durban’

Foreign nationals who came to seek employment in South Africa are living in fear in KwaZulu-Natal as they are afraid of being attacked by supporters of Operation Dudula, which is expected to hit the province on Sunday.

This comes after threatening social media posts and a voice recording about the massive roll-out of Operation Dudula in KZN made rounds at the weekend.

Operation Dudula, which started in Soweto last year and has since morphed and spread to inner Johannesburg and Hillbrow, apparently aims to remove illegal or undocumented foreign nationals, particularly those setting up shops and engaging in criminal acts.

In one of the voice recordings, a man said that, as the committee, they are calling upon all people in Durban and KZN to take part in Sunday’s operation.

He said: “On the 27th, it’s going down in Durban and we are removing all foreigners in the city and we [won’t brook] any further delays as a lot of people say they are ready.”

He said the meeting point is the Gugu Dlamini Park at the Workshop, in the Durban CBD. The man further said they will start the day by selecting the marshals to control the masses to avoid incidents of theft and looting.

He said they will be entering every shop and salon owned by foreign nationals and removing their belongings from the building then locking it with their own chains and padlocks.

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