On Evil Scheme To Expropriate FDH Bank

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Kingsley Mabalani writes:

Dear Hon. Sosten Gwengwe

It took innovative wisdom of Dr. Thom Mpinganjira to establish FDH Bank after a thorough, cumbersome and tedious legal formalities. In short, Dr Mpinganjira did not bend laws to start his business;
It took sacrifice and all hard work for Dr Mpinganjira to grow the FDH Bank. Again, there is no proclamation that procedures and laws were flouted through the long winding, strenuous journey of the FDH;
It also took unequaled patriotism to take a serious business risk of buying a malfunctioning, dying Malawi Savings Bank without being at loggerhead with the law;
And it took hard work and sacrifice to grow and expand the new FDH Bank without cutting corners.

TO DELIBERATELY USE BAD LAWS IN ORDER TO IMPOVERISH THE CITIZENRY is therefore evilly retrogressive, sacrilegious to the principal of free market economy and antithesis to the fundamental BILL OF RIGHTS.

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