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Products of UNIMA! So quixotic and no good for living human beings.

By Jack Banda

Akuti apanga launch another good idea today.

Do you know this other game we play with kids akakhala ndi birthday? We call it pass the parcel?

We wrap a little prize inside layers and layers of newspapers. We sit kids in a circle and play some music. As the music is playing, the parcel is given to one kid to try and open it as fast as possible before the music stop. When you stop the music, they have to stop unwrapping and pass it to the next kid. It continues like that until whoever unwraps the last layer gets the prize.

That is Chakwera for you, he has layers and layers of good ideas that he has been launching with some talk talk interludes in between.

They are layers of same idea, the Chakwera Super Hi5. There is three layers called Chilima reforms, 2 layers called 2063, Then you have OPC with a Chakwera lab and inside that lab, there is this lab that they were launching today.

The previous one, he said he wanted to cut bottlenecks, this one, he says he wants to add a structure.

I have run out of polite words, so I stop here.

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