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Propaganda Won’t Work On Sattar Case

Concerned Citizen opinion

Any paraded lies against Sattar won’t yield anything,

Some so called facebook influencers think by peddling lies it is enough to bring down a London based business man Zuneth Sattar.

The influencers have consistently pushed the narrative that is very far from reality.

For instance, there has been news making rounds on social media that British authorities have seized Sattar’s properties.

Much as this could be true, but it is something that happened some two months ago.

Yet the influencers, who are working hand in hand with ACB in advancing the narrative of its embattled Director General Martha Chizuma are peddling the news as if it has just happened.

The level of hypocrisy the Sattar case has exposed is second to none.

Enough of the propaganda, now lets delve into the case which is in UK courts. The billion dollar question that will be posed in the court of law is simple; did Sattar walk into Capital Hill to award himself the contracts? Answer is no.

ACB Cleared Sattar Contract

Sattar is smart business person

He is just a mere businessman who took advantage of the already porous system being led by gluttonous civil servants and politicians.

Business is about seeing an opportunity and pouncing on that opportunity. It is the normal practice world over. Therefore if some rules were bent that should not be the supplier’s problem.

Blame it on the government system.

It could have been a different case had it been that he was being paid without delivering any of the goods he was supposed to deliver.

Issue of inflating figures is an administrative one. The procurement team could have settled for one who was cheaper than Sattar companies but they did not.

I just wanted to set the record straight. Otherwise propaganda against Sattar won’t affect an outcome of the case.

a concerned citizen

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