Suspected Criminal Frees Out of Malawi before Being Arrest

Riaz Jakhura, Managing Director of Speedys Limited, has fled the country before police could effect a Warrant of Arrest on him.

Police issued a warrant of arrest for four people suspected of theft, Intimidation and Criminal Trespass on 8 January 2022. The crime was committed on 24 December 2021.

The suspects are:

Mr Riaz Jakhura, Managing Director of Speedys Limited

Mr Bashir Osman Adams, owner of Adams Car Hire Limited

Mr Jayaraj Gobalan, General Manager of Speedys Limited

Mr Priyal Fernando, Financial Controller of Speedys Limited.

The Four forced a man in Mount Pleasant, Blantyre to give them back a Mercedes Benz which Mr Jakhura imported on the man’s behalf despite paying for all costs for the car. They drove away with the car using a duplicate key.

After knowing of his impending arrest, Mr Jakhura fled the country to UK four hours later. Reports indicate that Mr Jakhura had already booked for a flight to UK before the impending arrest.

The other three were successfully arrested and kept at Chilomoni Police, and later released on bail.

The police pounced on Mr Bashir Osman Adams as he also attempted to free to UK through Chileka International Airport.

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