They robbed her and went back to Malawi’ — Faith Nketsi sad after her mom was targeted by their helpers

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Reality TV star Faith Nketsi said her mom was heartbroken by what their helpers did to her

Reality TV star Faith Nketsi-Njilo was left heartbroken after her mother went through an ordeal that left her speechless and shocked.

Taking to her Twitter timeline recently she shared details about how their family’s Malawian helpers, who were staying with them, allegedly broke into her mother’s house, stole her things and immediately went back to their country of birth.

“I have land/house next door to the house I bought for my mom. The gardener and his wife and baby stayed there for over a year. We fed them, clothed them, my mom even babysat their baby and paid them a salary. Today they broke into my mom’s house and robbed her and went back to Malawi,” wrote Faith.

In a separate tweet she said they were able to identify them through the cameras in their house. 

“Luckily we have cameras in the house but we can’t do anything with the footage because they are gone. My mom treated them like her own and trusted them. My mom is so heartbroken. They celebrated everything with us as part of the family..”

Faith is a new mom she said she was finding balance in her new life, but she’s definitely “enjoying motherhood and being a new wife”, and wants to plan her future and whether that could include being a club hostess.

“It’s always been about me so now that there’s a whole entire human I have brought into this world my perspective has obviously changed. I never ever want to say I’m not going to do something again. I don’t want to put myself in a box.”

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