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Those Vying For Public Positions To Declare Assets Before An Election

The Public Appointments Committee of Parliament (PAC) has objected the suggested amendment by the Law Commission to transfer appointing powers of Director of Assets declaration to the President.

The power to appoint Director and Deputy Director of the Office of Director of Public Officers Declarations currently rests in the Public Appointments Committee but the suggested amendments are proposing that the powers be transfered to the President.

after meeting with the Special law commission on the review of public officers (Declaration of assets, liabilities and business interests) Act, Joyce Chitsulo PAC Chairperson said the committee disagrees with the suggested proposals as they defeat the will to make the Office independent.

According to Chitsulo, the President already has too much powers,therefore transferring the appointing powers to him will be speaking a different story since it has always been his wish to trim his powers.

Chitsulo has also supported an idea to have those vying for public positions to declare their assets immediately after they have shown interest to contest in an election.

“Sometimes it is surprising that you campaign with limited resources and all of a sudden you aquire unexplained wealth, so if you really want to help Malawians, if you want to fight corruption let people know what you have before you go into that public office” said Chitsulo.

Meanwhile, Justice Charlotte Malonda has told the Committee is still getting views from Stakeholders on how the Act should be amended.

After review and amending the Act, the office of the Assets declarations is expected to have enough powers to enforce compliance which has always been a challenge

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