TIH to implement SKILL UP Malawi for Dzaleka Camp

A local Non-Governmental Organization, There is Hope, will implement ‘’SKILL UP; Malawi Marketable Technical Vocational Education Training [TVET] project for Dzaleka Refugee Camp and the host communities in Dowa district.
A total of 1126 households [347 refugee households and 779 Malawian households] will benefit indirectly from the project’s six trades offered at the institution such as Carpentry, Brick Laying, Tailoring, Welding and Solar Photo Voltaic.
Briefing the District executive committee in Dowa at a meeting held at the boma, There is Hope’s Communications Coordinator Francisco Fote, said the organization will conduct sensitization campaigns across the Dowa district to create awareness about the TVET programs and also the Skill Up approach.
Fote said the project expects that the campaign will attract participants who will be recruited into different trades which are being offered at the institution expressing hope that the youth in the district will not be left behind but to join the trainings.
He said the project has a goal of ensuring that the living conditions [livelihood] of young women and men in the Dzaleka Camp and rural Malawi have improved sustainably through the integration of the Skill UP principles and quality standards.
The officer said graduates who participate in training, use their acquired competences to become employed or self-employed and are earning an increased income and will be empowered members of the community to deal with everyday challenges.
He said the project will need marketable skills to enable young adults in Dzaleka and rural Dowa to become self-reliant, improved livelihoods of vulnerable refugees and the host community through vocational Education Training [TVET].
….’’The organization will purchase all the necessary equipment needed to enable training and learning in the various courses in line with standard requirements for TVET provision in Malawi,’’….said .
He said learning in a classroom that is small does have enough light and ventilation, house electric cables poses a safety risk to trainees and trainers, besides discouraging them from attending lessons saying additional classroom will be constructed to create a conducive environment for students enrolled in vocational training programs.
Fote said the organization will set up a business incubation program with entrepreneurship professionals to equip graduates as they prepare to start up their own business with assurance to provide start-up kits to graduates.
In his remarks, Director of Education, Youth and Sports in the Ministry of Education-Dowa office Christopher Kumikundi, appealed to all partners implementing their various interventions in the district to share their project budget line to enhance cooperation, transparency and accountability.
TIH will implement Skill UP Malawi Marketable TVET for the Dzaleka Refugee Camp project with the support from the Bauer Charity.

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