UDF Clocks 30 Years, Convention Is Open To Every Members

UDF President Lilian Patel says she is delighted with how organised the party’s celebration of 30 years has been.

She says it is a lie by those who say UDF is non existent in the Central Region.

Patel says the party is ready for 2025 elections.

She says it is the plan of UDF to get back into power in 2025.
Former UDF president Atupele Muluzi has said Malawi can develop within eight years.

Muluzi was speaking at Masintha Ground in Lilongwe during a 30th Anniversary Celebration meeting for the UDF.

According to Muluzi, he has partnered experts who helped China to transform from poverty to prosperity some 40 years ago.

Muluzi mentioned Fazam Kamalabade as among the key people he is partnering.

Among others, Muluzi said Malawi is not a poor country as it is endowed with an avalanche of resources, including minerals, labour and water.

According to Muluzi, nations that have developed have carefully packaged their resources and put them in a Sovereign Wealth Fund.

He said he is ready to package Malawi’s resources into a $1 trillion Sovereign Wealth Fund, adding that Malawi is richer than Qatar, Kuwait and Bahrain.
Muluzi says as the party is going to convention, every party member is allowed to stand in any position, including that of president.

He says the time has come to rebuild the party in the country.

Muluzi says he will be going to different places to meet people and conduct rallies.

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