UDF Supporters Wants Atupele On Ballot 2025

Some United Democratic Front (UDF) supporters are today marching to Atupele Muluzi’s residence in Nyambadwe, Blantyre to deliver a petition asking him to return to active politics.

In May last year, Atupele wrote the party’s secretary general Kandi Pandambo that he had reigned from his position as UDF leader to venture into business.

However, a year after his resignation, some party followers say they want him to contest at the forthcoming convention to lead the party again.

Dorothy Masinga, the party’s regional governor (South) said in an interview that they want Atupele to be the party’s 2025 presidential candidate.

“When he announced that he wanted to take a break from politics, we accepted. However, after one year, we have decided to ask him to return and lead the party,” she said.

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