US-based Political Scientist Ngalande Bemoaned US Ambassador Statement

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In his remarks, a US-based pro-Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) engineer and political scientist working at National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), Cedrick Ngalande bemoaned the US Embassy statement, calling on “the President to assert the sovereignty of the Republic of Malawi”.

Reacting to the undiplomatic emotive Facebook-publicized statement by the US Embassy, Ngalande remarked as follows in his Facebook post: “It’s difficult to understand the real motive behind statements being issued by foreign embassies to the government. Have the normal channels to the foreign affairs ministry closed? Is the intention to have Malawians rise up and overthrow their government?”

Condemned statement by US Ambassador David Young

Ngalande further suggested that Chizuma must be fired and replaced with another fierce czar who could be a little more disciplined and productive.

Other domestic commentators have hailed the government’s position, praising Kunkuyu as an accomplished public relations guru who achieves impact without the aid of emotions on his persuasive reasoning.

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