US,British Wants Malawians To Overthrow Government,

Foreign embassies statements are very sensitive

Concerned Malawians have reminded the US Ambassador to Malawi and British acting Ambassador that malawi is a sovereign state with its constitution and needs to be respected at all cost.
This reminder is coming while the foreign embassies are geared to push Malawi to flout our own laws in our constitution not to charge ACB czar on criminal case over her leaked audio, Malawians have condemned the statements coming from foreign embassies of the US and British, we wonder what are the motives of these statements from foreign embassies are biased and selective justice in natire?why the ambassadors giving statements without considering the laws of the land,? Malawians rallying behind President Chakwera to govern this country not the US ,British,

Reminder to US,British Embassies Malawi is a sovereign state
This moment that patriotic Malawians calls the current leadership President Dr Lazarus Chakwera to assert the soveignity of the Republic of Malawi by firing ACB Director Martha Chizuma and replacing her with another fierce corruption czar, only more disciplined, competent and productive.
We also send our message to US , British envoys to respect laws of the land of this country not pushing the Malawi on the wall to break our laws for them to fulfil the agendas, Malawi is a sovereign state.

In any case, the circus around Chizuma is an unnecessary distraction that has gone on for too long.

Foreign embassies wants Malawians to overthrow government

It’s difficult to understand the real motive behind statements being issued by foreign embassies to the government. Have the normal channels to the Foreign Affairs ministry closed? Is the intention to have Malawians rise up and overthrow their government?

The group said there are not a supporters of the Tonse Alliance, we have always thought that they are incapable of solving the problems of Malawi. So, this statement is not about partisanship, we can understand that that foreign embassies statements they want to put Malawi on fire.

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