Utopian philosophy appeals for Revolutionary Minds support

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Their bouncing back into government in 2025, doubtful…….

The Utopian Philosophy has appealed to all citizens of Malawi to Africa and the world at large to support the upcoming Revolutionary Minds when they begin the voyage of completely sweeping and regrouping the new foundation for Malawi.
The Philosophy said the study conducted by several institutions as well as actions witnessed by citizens on the ground speak volumes that in 2025, there is going to be annihilation of the entire DNA of politics planted by Ngwazi Dr. Hastings Kamuzu Banda to Dr. Lazarus McCarthy Chakwera.
It says there is an urgent need for a fresh ‘’Revolutionary Political Mind’’ to appear and liberate, unchain and break the stupid DNA politics of the belly, relatives, tribalism and corruption.
In a statement signed by the Utopian Bantu Saunders Jumah of the Pan African Utopian Philosophy Network 21 graduate, the Philosophy says it is the prayer and wish of all ordinary and peasant people that in 2025 a commoner, a livestock grazer, the unknown Malawian will rise up to do the needful for the country.
The philosophy says it will overhaul the entire system of government and create a complete different political tradition to unseat the current one adopted and created by the past six governments saying Malawi has a virus in politicians who speak wisely and futuristically at campaigns but act dismally bad when elected.
….’’In 2025 Malawi stands at the crossroads wondering who to vote for as all trusted politicians have shown a character of betrayal, from ministers to MPs, from presidential advisors to State aides all of whom are relatives if not in-laws that have helped President Chakwera to destroy the country in everything,’’….reads the statement in part.
In the statement, the Utopian Philosophy says corruption has graduated and institutionalized in Malawi, no member of Chakwera’s government is clean, no member of his family is spared in the looting of the country and no members of his church are reading the Bible in his administration.
The Philosophy says political parties in Malawi are born for one reason to come into power to do more worse than those they remove from power saying if there was a government that could change the political tradition of the belly, nepotism and corruption was the Tonse Alliance led administration.
It says unfortunately, little did Malawians know that Chakwera is a Man of God by cloth deep inside is the worst corrupt, worst nepotistic, worst gullible man and worst indecisive claiming that he gathered all his family members, his church members and his tribesmen to run his administration for a jamboree party.
The philosophy says President Chakwera joined by a man that had the entire country’s hope that together they will perform extraordinary miracles for Malawi, Vice President Dr. Saulosi Chilima, have disappointed Malawi and angered all citizens.

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