Why ACB Director Martha Chizuma Treated With Kids Gloves?

From the wall of Kondwani

The President has a government to run. ACB office should not compromise the whole government

The president has made a decision. A politically savvy one. I perfectly understand him. I sympathize with the former DPP. He pressed charges in a personal capacity.

He has since lost an official position. Only for the President to clarify that those who might have been injured by the ACB DG’s allegations are at liberty to seek legal redress in their personal capacities. A bunch of contradiction(s)? Perhaps not.

The Public Administration student in me is still adamant that the ACB DG crossed the line by divulging official ,

The report recommended the firing of ACB Director

more so classified, information to an uncleared third party. She posed, perhaps poses, a threat to the credibility of the process and safety of the foot soldiers. I am unapologetic on this one. Perhaps thats why the student in me agrees with the Twea Commission on the need for consistency in the application of laws, rules and principles.

Thats why I am still adamant that she should not have been treated with kids gloves. I reckon, her office is central to/in the fight against corruption. And I reckon that the incumbent is a spirited and popular activist in the course. Still, setting a precedence of impunity is the last thing some of us would like to see. But hey,

The President is not a Public Administration student. He has a government to run. A nation to account to. And a few imperialists to massage. I may not agree with the entirety of his decision. But I feel for the President. He just had to make a decision. A politically savvy one.

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