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Why Bingu Wa Mutharika Administration Expelled Cochrane Dyte UK Envoy? History Repeat Itself

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Malawi expels UK envoy over criticism of leadership

By Trim Chasweka Opinion

Malawi expelled the British envoy to the southern African country after he criticised its leadership as autocratic in a leaked diplomatic cable, a government spokesman said on Wednesday.

Cochrane Dyte Wanted To Bring Tension To Malawi

The move defied warnings from London and will strain ties between Malawi and its former colonial ruler, a major aid donor to the poor country, which faces a freeze in foreign assistance over its hostility to homosexuals and a media crackdown.

British High Commissioner Fergus Cochrane-Dyet was given a formal letter of expulsion on Tuesday night, government spokesman Vuwa Kaunda told Reuters.

Truth pains, Put your house inorder before you point fingers to others

“Government has decided to expel High Commissioner Fergus Cochrane-Dyet because the tone in the leaked cable was not diplomatic … Government has lost confidence in him,” he said.

Bingu Wa Mutharika

Malawi is a sovereign state

The European Union Delegation said it was “deeply concerned” and surprised at the expulsion.

Mere speculations on social media and perceived criticisms of the government coated Cochrane Dyte expulsion

“The European Union believes that the decision of the Government of Malawi, which is apparently based on unconfirmed media reports and perceived criticisms of the Government, is unjustified and inappropriate,” it said in a statement released in Lilongwe.

In London, the Foreign Office said it had nothing to add to an April 19 statement which stated that if Malawi pursued such action “there were likely to be consequences affecting the full range of issues in the bilateral relationship”.

Malawi’s Weekend Nation newspaper published excerpts of what it said was a March 2011 British diplomatic cable which said President Bingu wa Mutharika was “becoming ever more autocratic and intolerant of criticism”.

Diplomatic sources at the British mission confirmed the authenticity of the cable.

History repeat it self

Mutharika has been heavily criticised by rights groups for trying to suppress free speech.

Malawi’s government is heavily dependent on foreign aid, with donor funding normally accounting for more than 40 percent of official receipts.

Concerned citizen Trim Chasweka my opinion

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