Tuesday, April 16

Why NFRA Took A Month Before Reporting Kachere To Police?

Sameer Suleman Chairperson of the Agriculture Committee and members of the joint committee has wondered why it took NFRA a month and a half before reporting Kachere to Police.

Suleman has said the Board is not telling the truth of this matter.

He has also wondered why NFRA is entertaining Kachere who has duped Malawians over 7,500 bags of Maize.

“Malawians are suffering out there, people are dying of hunger, others are surviving on Mangoes and you allow this happen?”

He has described what has happened as sad, also considering that it is happening at a time Malawians are in need of the Maize.

According to Suleman, if he was the appointing authority, he could have fired the Board as it is incompetent.

Dennis Kalekeni, NFRA Board Chairperson has told the committee that three transporters were identified to transport the Maize and these three are; Omar trading, Kachere Agriculture trading and Nzeru za abambo.

He says, due to payment issues Omar and Nzeru za abambo pulled out saying they could not make profits in the deal.

According to Kalekeni, the 13 trucks went missing under Kachere Agriculture trading who proceeded with the contract while he was waiting for PPDA to consider increasing contract amount.

Kalekeni says, their internal inquiry found that Kachere directed his driver not to offload the maize at NFRA depot instead to offload at his apartment.

He adds that after discovering that something was going wrong, NFRA resolved to report the matter to the Police and on 23rd October Kachere was arrested and later released on bail.

Kalekeni has indicated that total amount lost is 112.5 million kwacha.

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